World’s Largest NFT Marketplace Opensea Reveals Drop Improvements, Arbitrum L2 Support

The largest non-fungible token (NFT) marketplace by sales volume, Opensea, has announced a new “immersive and secure minting experience” by giving NFT creators the ability to showcase “collections with dedicated drop pages and greater discoverability” on Opensea’s new homepage. Moreover, the company also announced on Tuesday that the NFT marketplace will soon support the layer two (L2) protocol Arbitrum.

Opensea Announces NFT Drop Improvements and Arbirtum L2 Support

Opensea has made a number of changes and it just recently revamped the NFT market’s homepage. The NFT marketplace is the largest NFT platform by sales volume as statistics show Opensea has settled $32.34 billion in all-time sales. On September 19, the company announced the marketplace is adding new features that aim to offer an “easier, safer and more immersive” new drop experience. Essentially, Opensea has added three features which include:

Creators will soon be able to launch their collections with dedicated drop pages and greater discoverability on the (new) Opensea homepage.
Collectors will now be able to mint directly from an Opensea page.
Drops on Opensea will have access to Seadrop, a new, secure open source contract that powers the drops experience so that creators don’t need to create custom smart contracts.

Furthermore, Opensea has also revealed the NFT marketplace will support Arbitrum, the Ethereum-compatible layer two (L2) blockchain network. “We’re excited to share that Opensea will soon support Arbitrum,” Opensea said on Tuesday. “This is a first step in building our goal of a web3 future where people have access to the NFTs they want on the chains they prefer,” the company added.

The plan is to launch Opensea’s Arbitrum support on September 21, and following the launch “creators will need to find their collections in Opensea and set their creator fees directly,” Opensea explained. Opensea has been opening up to new blockchains as the marketplace has already integrated with Polygon and Solana.

Just recently, the NFT marketplace competitor Rarible announced integration with Immutable X, another L2 scaling effort that’s compatible with Ethereum. Opensea’s latest additions follow the migration over to Seaport, an open-source Web3 marketplace protocol.

What do you think about Opensea’s new features and the marketplace adding Arbitrum support on September 21? Let us know what you think about this subject in the comments section below.

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