XBO.com Launches its Normie-Proof Crypto Exchange, Securing Licenses in Australia and Poland

XBO.com kicks off trading on its exchange platform with a gaming-inspired UI to make buying and selling digital assets easier, just as it racks up crypto licenses and registration in Australia and Poland.

XBO.com, the cryptocurrency exchange making the benefits of crypto more accessible to everyone, launches its platform that merges gaming-inspired UI and top security solutions to offer traders a user-friendly and reliable alternative to existing exchange platforms. Following XBO.com’s pre-launch, where early registrants could earn special rewards and account privileges, the exchange platform is ready for use by any and all crypto users. 

A cryptocurrency post appears on social media every two seconds. Institutions are buying up digital assets even during the bear market, yet retail investors—the ones crypto is meant to be financially literate—are still novices. Overall, only 4.2 per cent of the world population actually owns these digital assets. That’s in large part because crypto exchange platforms lack simple, easy-to-use designs and tools, which hinders new adopters who don’t have the resources to learn tech and financial literacy. 

XBO.com meets the need for a user-friendly and accessible crypto trading platform. Leveraging an intimate familiarity with crypto users’ pain points and a deep understanding of social gaming UX, XBO.com makes buying and selling digital assets simple and enjoyable for both amateur and experienced crypto users who find traditional crypto trading platforms intimidating. 

XBO.com offers a loyalty program that guarantees benefits to users with each accumulation of points and transition between the stages. In the Diamond tier, for example, users obtain 10 times the value of the crypto reward, compared with the Gold tier. The Diamond tier requires 650,000 XBO points (XP). XBO.com’s contest offering Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) NFT owners the opportunity to lease their asset’s IP is still ongoing, and the winner’s NFT will be branded as the official mascot of XBO.com.

As part of XBO.com’s platform launch, pre-registered users are immediately upgraded to the Gold status account, which grants them commissions on crypto deposits, exchange cashback, spot trading, crypto rewards, and more. Early registrants also have the chance to achieve the Black Diamond tier, the most luxurious status on the platform.  In addition, for the launch XBO.com presents one of the most appealing referral programs on the market today: For each friend user invites they will receive up to 80% of the friend’s trading fees for the first three months, up to 60% for the next three months, and up to 40% past the first six months. 

“XBO’s platform has arrived to empower every type of crypto user, no matter how new or old they are to the crypto world,” says CMO of XBO.com, Shimon Baron. “With the launch of our easy-to-use exchange platform, we are standing strongly behind our vision that crypto is for everyone. Crypto platforms can be both easy to use and highly rewarding, and we are here to prove that.” 


XBO.com is a cryptocurrency exchange platform created to accommodate every type of crypto investor. The platform provides a secure environment for trading, with cutting-edge verification measures created to speed up the loading process, as well as the ability to tailor visuals with either a simple display for novice traders or a detailed view for the more experienced. The exclusive reward system ensures traders receive compensation for active engagement, as well as the possibility to profit from different trading styles. For more information visit: https://www.xbo.com/

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