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Zed Run airdrop goes live, discover how to claim yours

As ZED RUN defies crypto winter with the release of its governance token, futuristic horse racing antics are at their peak. This means a lot of tasty coins will be raining down on eligible members, so learn how to claim it.

ZED RUN has launched its latest management token in collaboration with the masters at Future Labs. Currently, with the promise of a future where the ZED token takes center stage as the platform evolves from its current means, that means more baggage use, gloriously self-governed rewards, and the potential for countless earnings, all starting with the genuine lending protocol. It arrived rapidly to the ZED RUN ecosystem.

In total, ZED RUN will limit its new governance automobile to 1 billion tokens and distribute 15% to its employees, 18.28% to its supporters, 34.72% to the reward treasury, and an extra 25% to strengthen token governance. Hence, leaving 7% more for the expected gasoline ZED Token airdrop.

The mighty Zed Run airdrop

Speaking of which, long-term backers of the ZED RUN mission can chip away their fair share of cool coins, with 33% of the airdrop allocation based entirely on horse ownership. Meantime, the remaining 67% reward sports on the platform, so fixed house owners to participate in paid races (22.63%), participating in free races (12.28%), breeding (25.59%), activation (4%), help (1%) and proudly own a sponsored item (1.5%).

All of this is based largely on a snapshot of vibrant wallets taken on June 1st. To describe, go to the ZED Token website, join the pockets, interact with the airdrop, thereafter, watch this cool cash roll in. Meanwhile, Future labs will handle any gasoline costs. Qualifying events can have 90 days to declare, after which, any remaining coins are likely to be swallowed up by the reward treasury.

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